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TWO NIGHT MINIMUM STAYS are required for all reservations. Longer minimum stays may be in effect duringholiday and certain peak season times. Reservations can be made on-line at 24Hours a Day or by calling our office 828 274-6978 or Toll Free 888 861-9487. Normal office hours are Mondaythrough Friday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Prices quoted at this site are for timeperiods indicated and may be subject to change without notice.


A 50% ADVANCE RENTAL AMOUNT MUST BE RECEIVED TO CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING. PAYMENT IN FULLIS TO BE MADE IF ARRIVAL DATE IS WITHIN 45 DAYS OF BOOKING. A LEASE/VACATION RENTALAGREEMENT and CONFIRMATION will be emailed or mailed to you after the reservation is made. These documentswill detail policies and due dates and are to be initialed , signed and returned with your check for the amount due toAsheville Connections, Inc. PO Box 5208, Asheville, N. C. 28813.. RECEIPT OF A SIGNED VACATION RENTALAGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL AT THE PROPERTY. Asheville Connectionsreserves the right to cancel your reservation without receipt of this document.On-line Bookings require your acceptance of the Vacation Rental Agreement in lieu of signing a lease. One-half ofthe vacation cost plus Trip Insurance will be billed on your credit card (Visa, MC, Discover). You are responsible formailing a check for the balance to our office prior to 45 days from arrival. Your confirmation will be your only reminderof the balance due. Mailing address is Asheville Connections, Inc., PO Box 5208, Asheville, N. C. 28813The down payment includes half of the rent, half the sales, use and occupancy tax and the optional Trip ProtectionInsurance. Some properties will require a Security Deposit which will be refunded after two weeks of your departuredate if the property is left in proper condition. This reservation and all payments made are non-refundable and noncancellable.We encourage guests to purchase our Trip Insurance to cover illness, accidents, certain militarysituations and certain job loss situations which would prevent your staying at the property. For more information seethe Trip Insurance Flyer at our Home Page.A $50 service charge on all returned checks will be added to your balance. All advance rent amounts will bedeposited in an INTEREST BEARING TRUST ACCOUNT at Capital Bank, 1310 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC28813, with the interest accrued going to Asheville Connections Inc.


and a $150 penalty will be charged to guest credit card on file if smoking is detected after guest departure. Asheville Connections has a thorough inspection policy to ensure our rental units are in good condition. Please assist us by reporting any broken or non-functioning appliances or any oversights in cleaning to our office within 2 hours of your arrival. We will make every reasonable effort to address these as quickly as possible.


This is available as an option on each reservation. The fee for the insurance is 7% of all rents, fees and taxes. TRIPINTERRUPTION INSURANCE IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND MUST BE PAID FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TOARRIVAL OR AT THE TIME YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATION, WHICHEVER IS EARLIEST. AshevilleConnections Inc. receives a portion of this fee for processing the insurance purchase. The policy covers standard tripinterruption due to medical emergencies and military deployment which occurs within 10 days of departure date onlease. Asheville Connections Inc and the owners that they represent do not refund in the event of severe weatheraffecting your arrival, stay or departure.


In the event of a cancellation of a confirmed rental for any reason, Asheville Connections Inc. must be notifiedimmediately and will make every reasonable effort to re-rent the property. IF THE PROPERTY IS NOT RE-RENTED,NO REFUND WILL BE PAID. If the property is re-rented for the original vacation rental agreement amount, tenant willreceive a refund of the advance rental payment less $75 cancellation fee plus tax. If re-rented for less than theoriginal rate, tenant will receive the balance of the advance rental payment less $75 cancellation fee plus tax and lesswhatever amount necessary to make full payment to the owner. All refunds will be made within 60 days of receipt ofthe re-rented advance rental payment. If you purchased the optional Travel Insurance, the insurance premium will notbe refunded.


Two weeks prior to your arrival and after payment has been made in full you will be emailed driving directions andkey code entry instructions to your vacation property. If you do not receive these, please email or phone our officeand they will be resent. Check-In is 4 PM or AFTER. Our cleaners need time to prepare the house and may not beinterrupted with any request to unload suitcases, look at the property etc. You may not arrive early for any reasonunless you have purchased an Early Check-In (2 PM) for $50 at the time your reservation is made.


CHECK-OUT time is 11 AM. This will be strictly adhered to in order for our housekeeping staff to prepare for our nextguests. Failure to depart by 11 AM will result in a $50 penalty charged to guest credit card on file. Any furnituremoved must be replaced to original position before departure. Upon leaving, secure all windows and doors, washdishes, clean out the refrigerator, place all trash into plastic garbage bags and into Outside garbage cans with lidstightly secured. Leave all towels in the home, leave the beds unmade and return key to the appropriate key box oroffice. If your home requires extra cleaning because you did not follow the above guidelines, you will be charged upto $75 additional cleaning fee. Lost keys or keys not replaced in key box will incur a charge of $65. You will be billedfull replacement value of any towels or sheets missing from the property after your departure. Your signing theVacation Rental Agreement gives Asheville Connections permission to charge your credit card on file.


TRANSFERS A $50 fee (plus NC sales and use tax) will be charged for transferring a confirmed rental to a differentproperty within the same rental period. No transfers will be given within 45 days of arrival date.


Houses that allow pets are indicated in the listings. However, no cats are allowed in any properties. You must pay the $75 pet fee, and agree that your dog is on aflea program. Pets may not be tied or chained outside at any time during the guest stay. Per City Ordinance, Petsare to be on a leash at all times within city limits accept at designated dog parks. It is recommended for your dogssafety that your dog be leashed at properties outside the city limits. There are various dog parks where your dog mayvisit with other Asheville Connections reserves the right to remove guests from premises if dog rules are not adheredto. Pet owners will be financially responsible for damages and extra cleaning if needed. Limit 1 dog per propertyunless prior permission is obtained from Asheville Connections. Having a pet at a non pet-friendly property will incura penalty of $125 and immediate eviction with no refunds given.


Homes are furnished for normal housekeeping with bed linens, towels, dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, grills andbasic appliances. Please use grills on concrete or in designated areas only, making sure charcoal is out and/or gas isturned off. Please be sure to pack any specialty items that you may require during your stay. Porta-cribs, high chairs,fishing poles, mountain bikes and river equipment may be rented locally.


Every effort has been made to ensure that our descriptions and distances to attractions are accurate. However, weCANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for changes made by owners in furnishings or equipment, inaccuratedescriptions, distance errors, or printing errors. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL BE UNABLE TO MOVE YOU TOANOTHER HOUSE BASED ON THESE ISSUES.


Family and Corporate Groups only will be allowed to rent the vacation properties. Guest acknowledges that he/she isat least 21 years of age and understands that he/she May Not rent the property in connection with a non family usesuch as high school, college or civic groups. To do so will be grounds for immediate eviction NO EXCEPTIONS –NO REFUNDS.


The permitted number of occupants as defined by the local county health departments is listed at each property.Asheville Connections will not allow overcrowding of the house beyond the existing bedding. No RVs, campers ormobile homes may be parked on the premises for the purposes of extra sleeping capacity.


Asheville Connections cannot predict construction plans in the area and therefore cannot be responsible for anyconstruction that may be occurring near one of our mountain homes. No compensation or moves to other propertieswill be considered.


All equipment in the cottages should be in working order. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office. Everyreasonable effort will be made to promptly repair the same. No refunds will be made for inoperative air conditioners,appliances or for mechanical failure, or delays in utilities.


Contain owner’s personal property. Please respect these locked closets, cabinets or rooms. They are NOTINCLUDED as part of your rental.


Asheville Connections cannot be held responsible for items left in homes. Please double check your cottage forpersonal items prior to departure. If we are asked to return items to you they will be returned C.O.D. plus a $25processing fee.


These are available for use during the winter rental season, October thru April, only. Fireplaces are not to be used atother times of the year and may not be used while the air conditioner is running.


Pools are cleaned between guests and hot tubs are cleaned between guest and mid week. Since neither thehomeowner nor Asheville Connections employees are on the premises during the use of these amenities, the rentalparty agrees to be solely responsible for the use and operation thereof.


Bed and Bath Linens are provided at all of our vacation rental properties.


Tenant understands that a vacation rental property may be listed for sale. Agent reserves the right to show eachrental unit for sale to potential buyers. Every effort will be made to schedule the showing so that it does not interruptthe tenants vacation. Tenant understands that in the event of a sale or transfer of the rental property, the new ownermay not be bound to honor a rental if it falls outside of the 180 days from the time the property transfer was recorded.In this event, tenant shall be entitled to a refund of rent payments made, by the new Owner. The sale or transfer ofthe property is subject to NC GS42A of the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act.